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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Isonomythe fundamental principal of the Athenian democracy all are equal before the law equal access to the creation of the lawInstitutions of Athenean democracy assembleydiscussmake decisions for all citizens meet about 40 times per year council boule 1 responsible for preparing the sessions of assembey ex draft bills for assebley set agenda of the day who speaks when 2 executing and putting into place the decisions made by the assembley cabinet in the canadian system 500 members drawn by lot sit for 1 year couldnt renew imidiatly ie have to skip a year have to be over 30 each of the 10 demes would get 50 members didnt meet at once instead each group of 50 members would have power for about 36 days and would organize 4 assembleys each each sitting of the council a president is chose by lot and he is there for 1 dayLottery System important because its letting Gods decide very efficient easier than to use election immune to corruption and demagoguery designates equally allows rotation Aristotle excellence of a good citizen is to command well and to obey well elections however had a tendency to elect the same ppl or the same kind of pplPublic Offices senior civil service for ex garbage removal treasury military most designated by lot 700 public offices 600 are by lot term limit of 1 year and couldnt have their mandates renewed and couldnt hold the same public office more than once aimed at avoiding abuses of power chosen from the list of volunteers over 30 years of age had to undergo a civic examination had to answer questions of council regarding pledge to Athenes once mandate is completed and you have to report back to council about the changes youve made and be evaluated if council decided you misused your power a judicial procedure could be brought against you the punishment was exile or death have insentives to do a good job 100 elected positions mostly dealt with finance and military strategy Atheneas realized specific knowledge and qualities had to be recognized the particular nature of these post couldnt allow just anybody to hold these positionselections preferred to select the best and considered to be aristocratic can renew elected positions
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