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Provisional Essay 1 marking criteria.doc

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Political Science
POLS 1090
Rebecca Jubis

PROVISIONAL Essay 1 marking criteria, NATS 1760. Circled / highlighted if this applied STRONG ESSAY WEAK ESSAY Administrative stuff: • On time • Late by ____________ days: thus ________ penalty • Academic Integrity document attached • Well under or over 1750 words • 1750 words • Primary sources attached • Primary sources not attached • Has title page, with interesting title • No title page / dull title • Bibliography with all cited sources listed No bibliography, or one that is missing sources cited in the essay. Argument / Thesis • Argument: • Argument: • Exists • Does not exist • Is clear • Is too vague or obscure (wanders • Is easy to find and gets to the point around at start, "From the fast (in the first paragraph) beginning of time...." • Gets reader involved (says why • Is hard to find this matters) • Is simplistic / a bit simplistic (use of straw man) Use of sources / research • Shows an understanding of the • Simply summarizes prima
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