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Lecture 4

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Political Science
POLS 1090
Bruce Smardon

POLS 1090 Lecture 4Post 1945 After 1945 a new set of international developments which lead to what McMichael calls the development stateWhat is the development state organizes national economic growth by mobilizing money and people uses individual and corporate taxes along with other government revenues such as export taxes and sales taxes to finance public building of transport systems and to finance state enterprise such as steel works and energy exploration Forms coalitions to support its policies State elites regularly use their power to accumulate wealth and influence in the statewhether through selling rights to public recourses to cronies or capturing foreign aid distribution channels 1 State war crucial in mobilizing national recourses for the development project2 Building of social coalitions behind development projectlegitimacy is built through incorporating various social groups into the benefits ofdevelopmentdevelopment projectbased on modernization and industrialization Western advanced economies become the modelfor which the various economies in the third world would be modernized and industrialized Balanced National Development Had more focus on economic nationalismimport substitution industrializationuse of import tariffs to protect domestic own country industriesTherefore making project coming from other places in the world moreexpensive Therefore your domestic products would be cheaper and would cause a higher demand for domestic products Ie promoting industrialization Whole set of diverse economies that pursed different strategies for national development projects set for this the development state and development projectInteresting IronyUS portrayed its role as promoting free market capitalismbut in fact the approach followed was heavily based on managedcapitalism involved with keynesis welfare state
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