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Political Science
POLS 1090
Bruce Smardon

ASPOLS 1090Intro to Business GovSocietyBruce SmardonbsmardonyorkucathLecture 1What is CapitalismJanuary 10 2012Capitalism is a specific way of organizing social relationships There is both a historical and a social componentCapitalism is seen as a way to fulfill functions such as trade production etc to fulfill broader requirements that all societies mustWill focus on the way in which capitalism involves specific historical arrangements with deep social contextAt the core of these social relationships is a class relationship between capitalists and workersCapital Accumulation occurs through the organization of production and its connection to this class relationCharacteristics of the Working Class1Mobilitythe working class can move around depending on job2Segmentationmany decisions in the class based on ethnicity race genderStages of Capitalist ProductionM mo
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