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Lecture 3

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Political Science
POLS 1090
Bruce Smardon

POLS 1920lecture 3 1 Keynesianism 2 welfare state middle groundManaged capitalism lie between free market capitalism and socialism Socialismplanned economy private owned things 3 new collective bargaining arrangements between capital and labour PC 1033Canadian Frueral cabinet in 1944 constitution Ordered in cousin when said that employers has to recognized properly constitutions unions recognition strikeslabour shortagesneeds to maintain wartime production Labour was in a strengthened positions relative strength of capital and labour is in for demand by the labour of one productionPC 1003 statednew frameworkunions could not walk the job until the contract expiredgrowth of grievance procedures Collective moderation is no longer as importantmounting reflective legal crisis becomes a key focusWith new frame work growth and unionizations in various male dominated areas of employmentmanufacturing mi
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