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Canadian Constitution First real class, week one was just an overview.

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Political Science
POLS 2200
Khashayar Hooshiyar

Sept 20Canadian ConstitutionCanada was born on July 1st 1867has both written and unwritten elementsthe british parliamentary heritage and the democratic norms and valuesthe BNA act of 1867 and the Canada act of 1982BNA act set out the basic terms of federalism and outlined the machinery of govt based on the british modelit also outlined the provinces to join the political unionCanada act amending the formula and the charterroles of the courtsWhat is a constitutiona set of laws principles and proceduresstability and orderguidelines for political lifeit embodies the aspirations of the societyconflict resolutionThe Canadian constitution is the supreme law in canadaThe three fundamental cornerstones of the Canadian system of govt embedded in the constitutionthe executive and responsible govtrule of lawfederalismPublic Policypublic policy is the outcome of the struggle in govt over who gets whatClark
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