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Aristotle the Politics Book V “What is a constitution? What can change a constitution? Who can change the constitution?” Are the general topic of book V  Different groups have different definition of what justice and equality is therefore this can cause constitution change  The poor and rich will try to form their own groups which as the common good, each group will try to change the constitution to their own advantage  Absolute democracy and absolute oligarchy are not stabile and cannot last  Causes of factional conflict: o Ignorant behaviour from the ruler towards the subjects o The subjects realize their benefits in rebelling o Self-interest in an Individual VS Common good o The ruling causes a monopoly and is too power o People fear individual punishment but united they don’t o The lower class will have no choice (due to poverty) but to start conflict (to get their voices heard) o Corrupt elections o People who are not royal to the constitution will rise in ranks o Immigrants who are not royal to the country start having influence  Democracy can stay a democracy without any revolts only when the poor feel like they have enough social and political influence as the rich do Book VII Tries to envisio
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