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Adam Hilton

AugustineII Trajectory of As Thought A. Manichaeism & the problem of evil (aspersive fore) B. Neo-Platonism – evil as absence, imperfection C. Sin & grace The “fall” & its consequences A. Sin via pride (original) B. Emergence of lust, passions C. Subordination of women  Creation myth  Paul’s position  Augustine’s interpretation D. Social + political hierarchies The Nature of Sin A. Voluntary but inevitable B. Roots in pride, misplaced love C. Freedom & predestination The Two Cities A. Two cities= two loves B. Virtues & grace  Importance of the church vs. the classical virtues Political Theory A. State as an “asylum” for sinners B. State as inherently sinful C. Peace & political obligation  Impel of obedience D. Doctrine of just war E. Church, state  Heresy Side note  The human city should aim as much possible to be like the heavenly city  The church can and should teach people the right way of life  The limitations of human moral and rational
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