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York University
Political Science
POLS 2900
Jennifer Stephen

Hobbes • His study of politics was about how to avoid civil war crisis with a correct political theory • People had wrong ideas about what political power is • Bad ideas like individual conscience, taught at universities and through philosophy • The passions, for hobbes • List of the different aversions, to be able to define such aversions • Reason doesn’t tell people why they do what they do • Hope is a passion a desire for that we believe we can attain, haired with it is despaire is that which we can’t attain • Courage is an aversion for hurtful thing that we think we can resist • Confidence is constant hope • Ambition is for offices • Religions is an oddity in the list, it is a passion (according to the list) corresponding • Statement is neutral towards the type of religion different from superstition and true religion • He thought that bad religious doctrine would be a major source for confusion and it would cause the people to
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