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the republic book I 9/12/2013 7:33:00 AM Republic= the public thing aka the state Not all in dialogue are philosophers  Not all are operating at same intellect  Conversation circles back at time  Socratic method= elacus The apology  Socrates trial speech  Corrupting youth and introducing new gods o Defends the role of philosopher in city o Shows people that they lack knowledge and never claimed to know anything but his own ignorance o Could be verbatim to what Socrates said Plato is the author therefore the words are his Gloucon and adymantis  Palto’s brothers  Ancestors ruled  Gloucon- has political ambitions maybe tyrant or o Greatest aptitude for philosophy  Aristocratic blood  polimarcus- metic  procimarcus- sophist- teachers of rhetoric o important because rhetoric causes people to vote a particular way, persuasive  throsimarcus- famous for emotional appeals Socrates and glicon are spectators in port which religious festivals were happening  New ideas came from the port because of international people arriving  Polimarcus: reason/ argument has no power unless mind is open to it  Those who will not listen pose a threat to a philosopher s Homer the poet Sophism- justice is a objective universal good  Nature of which is arbitrarily organized by state Kephalois  Small part-elderly  His passions are spent  His wealth makes life easier o No wealth can compensate for bad character and will not be at peace with himself o You can put up with old age with moderation and content  This introduces topic of goodness  The good man does not cheat, lies, owe money/sacrifice to god  Pg 332 line 10 o Socrates- just person is a righteous person  Does not merely obey the laws  Virtuous- naturally inclined to do the right thing every time  Telling truth and paying debts=justice  Socrates this is insufficient  Would it be right to return weapon to mad man  Kephalous- this is wrong o Then leaves conversation early o Evident that he lacked the capacity to understand justice
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