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Plato Books 5-10 These are the notes for Plato. Only books 5 through 10 are included

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Political Science
POLS 2900
Stephen Newman

thThursday September 30 2010 PLATOBook 5Plato takes up the status of women in relation to the guardiansFavours women in relation in guardiansSocrates makes notes of what a true guardian issays that they need to be a philosopher ideas continue into book 6Discusses communism amongst the guardiansSocrates is reluctant to address their questions because it would raise more conflict and argumentsSocrates is hesitant to discuss the status of women because he fears that the others will resist the idea regardlessThe role of women among the guardiansSocrates is proposing something that is against customWomen receive the same education as men and have the same role as men in the guardian classQuestions if it is bad or harmful that women be treated the same waySuggests what a person does should suit their naturemen and women have different naturesSocrates says that they are bodily differencesphysical differences only not within the soul physical attributes have no influence on the persons ability to complete the taskOnly differences in a persons aptitude to complete a task and ability to learnSocrates realizes that natural abilities are scattered among the population between women and menBy giving women guardians the same education as men would allow them to become the best person they can be and it would benefit the entire cityElimination of marriagewomen and children will be held in common among the guardiansAssume that having wives and children in common is feasible They agreeAddresses the problem of how to arrange thingsreproduction is necessary for guardian classwomen and men guardians would produce offspringany guardians that are less from the best will be prevented from reproducingtreating reproduction of guardians like the breeding of dogs but he is dealing with peopleGuardians should operate as a unit and there should not be desention amongst themThe rulers of the polis will determine the marriages and the amount of guardians and children
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