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statecraft/ international borders Thursday September 20th, 2012 lecture.docx

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York University
Political Science
POLS 2940
Elizabeth Dauphinee

th Thursday September 20 lecture Statecraft We are a political fabric tells us who we are and arranges us in social relations with one another State realise on our willingness even our pride to identify ourselves as belonging to countries Where we meet the international. What happens when we cross the border(USA)? Standard questions like where are you going. Address where staying. What we do for living. Security check, remove belts, electronics etc. Electronic passport is the same as a regular one, just that there is a chip in the cover with photo etc. Whats going on politically at the border, Needs of control, What is being controlled? Me, the traveller seeking to enter the country. States attempt to control movement of people. Regulating access to the economy of a country. “mexicans will take American jobs and freeload on taxpayers money” People not like us cause a security threat. Our way of life is threatened when the states cant regulate the movement of people effectively. Arizona law that has been challenged by federal govrnmt-Changes power of police officer, police officers can tell you to tell them your immigration status. Police don’t have access to those details. Police are being trained to get access to immigration databases(illegal). Immigration and customs inforcement(ICE) Canadian crossing Is less militarized then mexico/us border. Most questions asked are asked to make sure you will leave again(and not be illegal) September 11 caused urgency to new border laws/questions/hassle. Goal of the crossing agent: Identify people the states don’t want in the states. Or who may cause a threat to security is critical to create conditions of possibility of certain political practises. Controlled at the border: Control movement of goods! Can’t bring soft cheese or meat Economic protection! Who’s doing the checking? Who is seeking to exercise control? Person who confronts you People behind the counter are agents, act on the behalf of someone else(government). Have the authority.
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