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Political Science
POLS 2940
Elizabeth Dauphinee

Lecture pols 2940 Territorial basis increases the military capacity, territorialation is the precursor of modern capitalism. Emergence of the norm of soveirgnty. The development How do sovereign states coheir? What keeps them intact? The answer introduces the notion of the “nation”. Nation is not the same as the state. What is the nation? How do these sovereign states interact with each other? Answer introduces us to the balance of the power system. European social structure. Domestic sovereignty- right of the sovereign to determine the social order within that territory. External sovereignty- the right to act internationaly without external constraint 3 things to notice, 1 constitutes rigid internal external divide.2 description of the state is not as absolute as it appears. Neither internal or external sovereignty is absolute as it suggests. 3 this form says nothing about the people inside the state and yet it makes them a community. Wesphelian state suggests it doesn’t matter what happens in the state, good/bad dictator etc. Majority of people in the land had local relationships. Didn’t travel at all unless you had a horse so you can ride. Community of daily expiriences and interaction. Things you hear about the outside war is chrch connected(i.e people dying for religious purposes). Did not see themselves as french/german. How did this come to exist? The more the state develops the more it demands. Taxes increase, military service. People need a sense of why they pay taxes. To get them to pay taxes and laws, you need a community these people belong too. Needs to be a wider community that involves people you don’t know. The dilemma is to get the citizens to do stuff for the nation (fight for people you don’t know,pay taxes etc) Answer is the “nation”. The nation is defined by benedict Anderson as an “imagined community”. “it is an imagined political community, imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign”. Imagined- you cat interact with 36 million people. Anderson “the community is imagined because the members of even the smallest nation will never know most of their fellow members, but in your mind you are a part of this community. How? Technology. the use of printing press is the lynchpin of this ‘imagined” nation. Newspapers provide a regular set of stories of all the people within a territory. Language- administration of a state will be conducted in a local language. Previously all the administration language would be in latin. Critical to define national space(people in german states won’t read a French language newspaper). Anderson argues the possibility of the imagined community being the outcome of technology(newspapers etc) is because of the coincidence/converge of state and capital interests. The state needs to forge a community in order to tax them and lead them to war. Requires consent. Needs to be a sense of togetherness amongst the people. Capital requires the same thing- same community to create markets to make wealth. Capital owns print (private businesses) How the nation imagined is limted- reason why is because the biggest country has borders. No nation thinks of themselves as representatives of all people. No one world government. Nation can spread and grow, but cant encompass fundamentally other nations. Imagined nation is imagined by what its not. Defined by its own articulation of itself through print etc. but it also is defined by what its not. Andersons definition- 1 Imagined nd 2 limited community 3 element is the nation is imagined as sovereign – simply because the idea of sovereignty was developed in the age where the “enlightenment”, revolutions etc. period refuted the church and stripping away
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