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Colonialism Lecture Thursday October 11th.docx

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Political Science
POLS 2940
Elizabeth Dauphinee

th Lecture Thursday October 11 As states become “national’ they seek to increae wealth. Directly at the expense of others. Attempt to take at force land from their neighbors. Other states are developing their own military. States look elsewhere for wealth, where rules don’t apply. European states look to sources outside Europe. This expansion is led by England spain france and Portugal Extract wealth by sending own population to settle. Europe still tried to find a route to asia. Discover wealth in Africa. Some settle and extract wealth from Africa. Colonial expansion is driven by the search for wealth. European state benefits from wealth, but mostly companies lead the way and engage in practises of wealth extraction. Expansion to the new worlds provided a new ground between states in Europe. Provided new ground where euro rivalries can play out. Instead of going to war with each other in euro, they fight in new world. Many settlers went to new world for political freedom along with greed. European expansion was the condition for slavery. How was europe so easily allowed to dominate the world? 1. Shows the way Europe understood Africa, by naked women and monkeys. Large blank spaces in map of Africa. The way Europe viewed the rest of the world 2. The fact that euro had maps pointed to a set of technology that allowed wide spread colonial expansion Change in world view, “great chain of being” is broken. Growing racism. Development of the “nation” leads to resentment and in turn racism. Great chain of being gets transformed, social hierarchy does not disappear. Social class remains. Darker skinned people are inferior to Europeans. Non Christians are low on the hierarchy. This produces a world view that enables non euro to be understood as enferior. Further done by euro capitalistic ideas about land. Purpose of land is to be cultivated. People generate wealth from land. Many people that euro encounterd did not farm land. They were nomadic. Different relationship with land. Euro think if land isn’t being cultivated, its not anyones possession. 3 sets of enabling technologies 1. Mapping- enabled euro to know where they going. Ability to navigate. Development of calculating longitude, took until 1600;s for galileo 2. Ships- euro developed ocean worthy shipping. Building huge sailing vessels, can hold a crap load of stuff. Wealth made possibl
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