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York University
Political Science
POLS 2940
Elizabeth Dauphinee

th Pols 2940 Thursday October 18 Inter, national, and politics Politics frames our world. Who belongs, who doesn’t etc. Ethics- is how we should live with other people in the world, the way we live with other people in our communities. How we interact with other communities and outside our communities, state, nation etc. Politics- how we manage our life together. What are the tools, instruments and ways we think together. Management of the way we live. Management of how we can live and how we cant live. Also who is included and not included. Who constitutes the collective- the nation Nation- basic form of community in the world today Nationhood- soul basis in which to lay claim to a state. (from the UN charter) Nation forms the state State is the only form we pay attention to in international politics (primary form) “Inter” Domestic community takes place inside the boundaries of a state. All politics decide and define us in community happen within the confines of the state. Conceptual state not physical. Inter is looked at as a “space of practice” “Inter-national”- Ways of living or being that exceeds the confines of national space and state. Defined by states. Because they create the division of what constitutes the nation and international space. States act through foreign policy. States operate outside their official foreign policy too. Projections of power- politics is also about 1. way its not possible to live 2. Advantaging some at the expense of others Pol
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