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Political Science
POLS 2940
Elizabeth Dauphinee

th January 10 2013, Pols 2940 International political economy Field of international relations= 4 large groupings, often relating, overlapping and connected. 1. Study of international political economy(IPE) 2. International security 3. Multilateralism (global governance) 4. Study of foreign policy Banking crisis was result of non-regulation. Canada has stricter regulations on our banks/market. This is not a one way street. Poltics can be shaped by the market/business. Can be hostage of it(federal, and even local). Larger businesses are, the more governments want it around. This is System, or regime, that encompasses both govrnt and economy and the relationship between them. Can’t tear them apart or separate. Govrnt supplies foundations where markets rest. The interrelationship between governance and economy A way of identifying a domain of global social practises, collectively known as IPE. A starting point for the world around you. Theoretical approach. Series of practises that involve global economy and the global regulation of the economy. Hegemony, 2 features of our present environment- expectation that the economy is largely separate from the political and that the govrnt shouldn’t be involved to much. Banking and finance occupy special p
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