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York University
Political Science
POLS 2940
Elizabeth Dauphinee

Security and post structuralism th Exam: april 12 9 am Imbedded reporting, leads to military mainly controlling what journalists see. Protests against Vietnam war because of journalist reporting photos of dead soldiers and gruesome scenes. Why did the states attack Iraq in ’91 over Kuwait Some say oil, some say illegally invading Kuwait, some way America proving ground to test new weapons. For argument, lets say because Iraq was a danger to international peace Right of state, no matter how small, to be soverign and independent(Iraq violated Kuwait by invading neighbor and dissolving govrnmt) Iraq also invaded iran years before(nothing happened) How do explanations for the conflict in iraq come to be accepted? How does it come to be that certain events come to be deemed dangerous? We recognize danger where something is abnormal, ex Iraq invades Kuwait. What are the poltical consenquences of adopting one explanation over another? Which explanations are viable. Which explanations work and don’t work? Liberal power: power lies in the individual, individual makes reasoned decisions to connect to society. States can be analysed as individuals(Germany did this, france did this). States can be punished as individuals. By invading Kuwait, Iraq broke the rules. Marxian theory: power is structural. Doesn’t lay with individuals but with class and capital. Power is located in the structures/organizations. Post structuralists: power is not power over something or someone, power is not to force you to do something you don’t want to do. Power is a diffuse force in society. Refer to power as discursive Discursive power: the
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