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Political Science
POLS 3040
Michelle Mawhinney

POLS 3040 Nov 20 lecture Notes Marx II LECTURE Intro NotesMarx idea of science very similar to Hegel but M thought Hegel was upside down as Hegel started with spirit whereas Marx started with man aka humanity the subject of history and dialectic is human beings as part of nature and not as abstractions of natureWill look at Marxs materialistic approach similar to HobbesThe Capital Marx work links very similar to his early writings on labour the potentiality of labour conditions and use of labour in capital societyIn notes MMarx1 ConclusionAlienated Labour From Early Writings a Marx critique of Hegelianism PEabstraction of bothMarx method of critique from FuerbachMarx said religion is understood as a manifestation of human separation we create an all mighty being that we project beyond and we treat it as superhuman and super natural force that has power over usMarx takes this and applies to Bourgeois economics and to the Hegealians to Marx alienation becomes more nuanced in capitalIdea that world that is created through our labour is experience by us as some sort of alien power that has control over our lives capitalism except that this illusion of a supernatural power it isnt just illusion because the system does have power over us Marx outlines how the this impersonal force has power of usMarx said to treat this force as some sort of energy or supernatural force is not correct eg the market is unhappy the market is slowing etcmarket fetishism rooted in early alienation and separation of ourselves from what is natural in ourselves and each other a system that we create through projection1844 manuscript transformativeMarx says Labour should be expression of our free humanity our life activity our species being This is what labour is and should be but under capitalism it becomes a conversed activity that produces that alien force over usFrom M perspective political economy cannot see beneath the surface it cannot grasp the economic system it pretends to analyze it takes certain facts as givens no attempt to look at history or what power relations go into thisSome facts that are taken as givens Property the wage system private property
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