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David Mc Nally

Thursday January 16 , 2013 The Political Culture of Race and Racism “Race,” Racism and Race craft Topics of Discussion 1. Nature, Culture and Bio- Racism 2. Race as Ideology and Social construction 3. Reification and Race craft 4. Systemic Racism ♥ The concept of race is a very recent invention in human history at most 200- 250yrs old, the very idea ♥ They where acquired differences not innate ♥ Racial differences are not in our genes Nature, Culture and Bio- Racism ♥ Bio racism (biologically different people) – humanity exists of bio differentially groups that we call races o The emergence of bio racism tends to corresponds with the height of European colonialism and the trans-Atlantic slave trade. ♥ Genetically we are 98% then chimpanzees, the genetically we are %99.9 genetically identical. We carry 99.9% of the same genes. If you do serious genetic analysis. Genetically we are allAfricans human kind originated there. We all share our fundamental genetic makeup with our genetic ancestors. Race as Ideology and social construction ♥ The only thing we can conclude is that race is a social invention. Human societies or groups of people in the recent past invented the idea. It’s a social invention of fairly recent origin. o Genes and color don’t correlate o “the mis-measure of man” ♥ to say that race is a social construction is not to say that race has no social reality it does have a social reality it doesn’t come from nature o race is socially real even though it’s a biological fiction o its socially real because society and government really do have racialized practices, they have institutions and social relationships which differentiates the population o just be cause it’s a fiction it doesn’t mean their aren’t practices (24mins) o they come from society to from nature- from social organizations not from our genes ♥ Race is an ideology as well as a social construction ♥ Ideologies – are systems of ideas, that are put together to justify certain social relationships or patterns o Sets of ideas to justify certain social inequalities o The use of bio-sexism to justify gender inequality (  Women make less then men social- 28  women are genetically inferior – ideology using set of ideas to justify Reification and Race craft ♥ Reification – to turn a human social process into a thing. Reification – involves taking racism as a social practice then inventing a thing called race o Why are people discriminated – because there are different races o Project human social relationship on things Systemi
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