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Political Science
POLS 3220
Sergey Smolnikov

 Different insitituion in non-prolifration  What is terrorism-according to UN o Movties of terrorism  What are the drivers of nuclear proliferation  Issues in the text book  30-40% from lecture the rest from text  Polcies of Isrea, Pakistan, N.korea and other states in the nuclear issues  Difference between conventional and nuclear weapon  Diference between chemical and bio  8 D’s from text book o "8 D's" during the Clinton administration: dissuasion, disarmament, diplomacy, denial, defusing, deterrence, defenses, and destruction  Antiblisstic from text book  Different protocaol and treaties regarding weapons profliration  Agreements between US and SU  Department homeland security function and y created?  Goals and objectives of terrorist o Which are motivated by religion o Which are seeking fundmental changes o How to combot terrorism and different methods o Terrorism and different way of finacing it  Specaily in respect to al-queda o What are the forces of alqueda o The reasons y US is attacked by terrorist groups o Taliban compare to al-queda and other “holy warriors” Iran if attacked  Iran can sink transport ship  Iran could supply arms for proxy war  If Iran will attack ireal US will stand by it  Or if it intends to attack US military base they face serious repructions Jicksonian- are viewers of foxs news and extreme right Lecture  Iran does not like Taliban its possible US could have used Iran to support norther Iran Global Jihad and the War on Terror: US policy in the middle East  Wilson’s role in state formation in the middle East o W. Wilsons Programe of the world’s peace (14 point Plan ) of 1918 o Everyone except iran was under ottoman empire (in middle east). They were not liked by Europe since they were trying to spread their culture. The got as far as Vienna in Europe. o W. Wilson said these countries should be liberate from ottmans o “The Turkish portion of the present ottoman empire should be assured a secure sovernighty, but the other nationalities which row under turksih rule should be assured an undoubted security of life and an absolutely unmolested opportunity of autonoums development” o Principal of national challenged Britain and France o Anti-imperial challenged britian and france o Challanged ottoman empire (non-turkish speaking nationalities granted independecnce o Stimulated arab nationalism  US Nascent middle Eastern policy after WWII o Global power shift away from Britain o The rise of USSR o Who would control access to oil? o All countries 12,915 annual th brl per day (2008)perssian gulf 2,370 (18) o OPEC 5954 (46 countries) o Iraq 627 (<5% compared to Saudi) o Kuwait 219 (<2) o Saudi Arabia 1,529 (12)  The cold Was: projection of US-Soviet o Arab nationalism was seen as a product of soviet interference o Soviet troops in Iran after WWII soviet activities in Greece and Turkey o SU claim arab nationalism is as a result of SU  The Eisenhower o Containing the USSR in the ME o Centeral treaty organization (CENTO), Middle East treaty Organizations (METO) (Bagdad Pact)of 1955 Iran,Ira
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