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York University
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POLS 3260
Saeed Rahnema

September 10 – Lecture 1  MENNA – middle eastern north African  22 countries in the middle east *  Afghanistan technically not middle east, b/c there is so much relation – b/c were talking about Afghanistan we have to bring in Pakistan.  Pakistan- b/c of the involvement with Afghanistan ; u have geography evolving  Sudan not part of the M/E -  Blurry border around the M/E  Similarities and differences between M/E countries  Sim- all examples colonies of colonial powers, some were direct colonies such as Tunisia.  Iran – not directly colonialized  **they have a colonial past  second similarity; **RELIGION ** ; sizable population of Christians, jew, as well as the most common religion..islam  DIFFERENCES ; characteristics to take into consideration – economy, political structure, imperialism  So many factors that you can try to categorize M/E countries.  Using two factors to simplify – size & wealth size (population) wealth (gdp, gdp per capita,)  Using the matrix (chart) ..justify the countries in each category  Countries to look at (Egypt, Turkey and Iran – largest in population - Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, **list of middle eastern countries** Israel Palestine Conflict  Would either side give up their major demands? Which is recognition, and security for Israeli’s. For Palestine major demands is their land? No neither would give up their major demands, because they are contradictory  Would either side defeat (military) the other side? If one side can defeat the other…then that would be the end of the conflict, no they cannot.  Palestinians should have a separate state….yes or no? Some people say no, the most radica
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