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The Global South: Politics, Policy & Development POLS 3560 – Fall/Winter 2011/2012 – Ananya Mukherjee-Reed Lecture 13 – Globalization: Lean Production – Jan 31 Three Industries - Textile - Food - Cars Similarities - Lean production. - Relocation. - Commodity chains (or value chains). - Growth of corporate power and profitability. - Loss of social power. Comparison - 1955 o Global monopoly of 3 carmakers, GM, Ford and Chrysler. o 4 of 5 cars were made in the US, with about half by GM. o In 1955, Toyota made 23,000 cars and GM, 4 million. - Present o US car makers only 43% of the US market. o Layoffs. o Losses. o Toyota is worth 10 times GM and Ford in the stock market. Toyota’s Technology - Stockless production. - Flexibility. - “JIT eliminated the need for each stage in the production process to hold buffer stocks, which resulted in huge savings. JIT has other advantages too. It involves the workforce much more directly in controlling their own inventory needs, and it allows a variety of models to be produced on the same assembly line simultaneously. Before its introduction, assembly lines had been able to cope with only one model at a time. To produce another model required closure of the line and expensive retool
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