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Lecture 5

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Political Science
POLS 3561

POLS 3651/ MIST 3651  October 21st, 2013 Lecture 5 – Week 7 Documentary: Certain people who are defined as non-European find themselves governed by European. - Real engine behind racism is Economics. Africans are items of trade. - Fundamental values of the British. - Captured, tied up and chained and thrown into the ships. - Pay twice as much for a woman compared to a man. - Over the course of 4 centuries, 11 millionAfricans were transported over theAtlantic. - Slaves are see as people who did not belong. - System of surveillance with Whips and cuffs. The fear of them rising up and running away. - Mutual FEAR between the two groups and this tends to consolidate; in order to secure these two race societies was to arm all the white men. - Holy Catholic Faith (crimes on Indians: disbowling, cutting off ears, chins and noses) - Whether or not the Indians can be categorized as humans as all. - The debate: they should be treated not as slaves the other side of the debate was that they are not naturally slaves. - LesCassa, said that the short of labourers can be made up by black people inAmerican. - Colonial system, takes this diverse range of people and identifies them as Indian. It forces the category upon them. - Lawyers  anthropologists biologists - Colonialism which fixes people up as things under investigation. - In the US, up until the part of the civil war, the greatest amount of wealth was the ownership of slaves and slave labourers. - The british become well off the slave system. - The slave system needs justification; the real rationale for it is profit. - Enslaved because they were inferior. Greek MEN regarding GREEK WOMAN. If you were male and Greek you belonged to superior categories. - Aristotle said slavery was a natural phenomomen. Aristotle was not speaking in terms of external natural characteristics such as color. - God and the Bible, Geneses chapter 9 verse 25 was interpreted by Christians as okay for traficcking slaves. - Curse of HAMAN was not black from the beginning - Biblical justification for the mistreatment Christianity: - Justify argument that slavery = bringing people inAfrica into Christianity - When white people arrived there were disruptions and shocking. Indians saw to them as another rival group. From Indians perspective, whites were similar to other rival nations. Indians did not see things in white and red terms. White people were not POWERFUL from the beginning. You can talk about the 18 century in which the Indians realize the battle was between them and the white people. - PONTIAC: - The line of Proclamation: putting the breaks on white settlement. This royal proclamation - Experiment= turned into What does it mean to be an American? - Black and White Relations: one drop rule, purity of blood, to be white you can’t have any black ancestor. No marrying between whites and blacks, and no blacks and Indians but white and Indians were free to marry. - Enlightenment: liberty, equality and fratility?  Equal Rights, some men are more equal than others
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