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York University
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POLS 3561

POLS 3651/ MIST 3651  September 23, 2013 Lecture 3­ Week 3 Communities and Public Law  Mainstream theories of law and Racism  Website Link: • Horizontal conceptualization of race vs. Vertical conceptualization of race in Canada.  • Racial differences are used as the basis of discrimination and are socially constructed • Social Construction: identification of certain groups that share common characteristics. These characteristics can include religion, etc. Main three Historical Differentiations we have In Canada • Aboriginal vs. Colonizers (British and French) • French vs. British • British and French vs. other immigrants in Canada --------------------------------- • Fighting Racism requires knowing what it is – not an easy task.  In order to fight racism, we have to know what it is. How do we develop knowledge on racism?  We can put it in a historical perspective to understand what racism is.  You need evidence, facts, and research (primary and secondary research)  Different people develop different understandings of history.  we are also looking for solutions, prescriptions that can fix this problem.  this is not an easy task because it is a very complex issue. 1 • Some ways to understand racism:  History • “Visible Minority”  a person that is physically different from the dominant group in society  the idea of the “other” in society Very Problematic for using this term:  You are grouping everyone into one category “the other/ visible minority”  Perpetuating the difference • I.E: Quota System  Theory: • theory – a “system”, a “doctrine.”A“dogma.” • Inequality of various races  domination of so-called “inferior” races. • Supposed to provide framework for putting facts and information together and to get a better understanding of what is happening. Problematic: • Major theory have a logical and philosophical foundation. • We live in a dogma. Ideology vs. projected realty. Race and racism share two characteristics: • Belief in the equality of various races and in this equality is used socially and politically for domination, oppression and exploitation. Definition: • The word “racism” first appeared in the Larousse dictionary for the first time in 1932 • Definitions of the term overlap. Some definitions  The system, which affirms one racial group over another  the existence of biological differences between various races and superiority of one of them.  theory of hierarchy of races based on the belief that social conditions depends on racial characteristics. (The kind of justification in having a racist society)  Theory of racial hierarchy, which claims
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