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Social Categories Notes from the Social categories lecture.

Political Science
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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

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Today’s lecture
New social forces will be against liberalism
Will create new and competing ideologies and present
alternatives; political alternatives
To understand these new and competing ideologies we have to
look at the socio-economic compositions
Will determine the conflicts of both the 19 and 20th century
The working class in the early 19th century or in the early 1800s
is in its formative years, its developing but it’s not there yet
It does not exist as a coherent social force but it takes a few
decades for the working class to develop and for it to become the
principle of social forces
It emerged when industrialization and urbanization has occurred
Both industrialization and urbanization will allow for the
development of the working class
Early 19th century will present a rather confusing and hazy social
Social groups in that time are diverse and share a common
feeling of powerlessness in the face of the social force behind
liberalism ; the bourgeois
The 2 key powers in the 19th C are France and England
Five different categories
Vestage of the ancient aristocracy
As a whole the Status of the nobles is downgraded
Seriously downgraded in the case of France and somewhat
downgraded in the case of England
Downgraded but not devastated
Divided into 2 opposing camps?
One hand nobles who are nostalgic and who would like to
turn the clocks and would like to go back to the good old days
with the privileges
On the other hand nobles who would embrace liberalism
and would feel that the freedom and equality that liberalism
brings should be expanded and the pace of change should be
Called the Enlightened Nobles.
The feel the need that the benefits of liberalism should be
extended and that liberalism should move forward with their
Henrif Saint Simon – noble who's extremely rich, one of the
Skilled worker
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