Women in Contemporary Society Women in Contemporary Society

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16 Oct 2011

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Women in Contemporary Society
Question of women/ gender politics
One of the characteristics of modern society is that the movement of
equality is irresistible and it doesn’t seem like it could stop it was irresistible
it couldn’t stop
Symbolic relationships refer to qualitative equality or social equality
and I think it is possible to argue that the symbolic relationships between
men and women have never been egalitarian like it is today
Some real problems remain
So we can say or argue that the estimate of human likeness can help
bridge the gap between men and women and to understand the long journey
I want to first present what Manent calls the traditional sexual order; by
traditional sexual order what we mean is the dominant understanding of the
role of women prior to the development of modernity
Traditional sexual order was passed on political logic of command and
It is not equality that rules it is rank and duty that rules
There's a command obedience logic that's put into place and societies
hieratical and one must respect rank and duty, in this context ppl are
inestrictably bound by relations of command and obedience
Ex. The surf had to obey the lord, the feudal lord, the lord had to obey
the king and the kind was bound but he will of god
There is a logic of command and obedience that foes from the bottom
um , in short there is a logic of co
In the traditional sexual order of things the father has always been the
head of the household, as such he governs the family and he is ultimately
responsible for all the major decisions that has to be made, one such
decision was about the marriage of children
Figuring out who his children would marry
This was an imp responsibility, it was essential because in the
traditional sexual order of things, marriage was just more than the union of 2
ppl , a marriage represented the association of 2 families
Reminds us that marriage with reasons of the heart is a recent
Love has only recently become the main reason why ppl actually get
together and get married
The traditional organization of marriage and facility was hard for
women because they had little say under the rule of the father, sometimes
women had no say under the rule of the husbands
Pg. 143- girls passed at a young age.....
For the rule of the father for them to be put into question it will take in
emergence the idea of consent and consent will take in the idea of
emergence and actually take in mind the logic and the order of the father
Idea will emerge and contribute about the rule of the father and this
idea is that we are the best judges of our own interest
Speak of the effects of autonomy of the human experience
One of the effects of autonomy and the idea of autonomy is
rearticulated in the enlightment project is that women will now beable to
gradually emerge from the domination of men and fathers and husbands
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