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Lecture 6

POLS 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Middle Ages, Social Forces, Timocracy

Political Science
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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

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Cont’d of Ancient Democracy: Athens October 9, 2019
Why as of 450 BCE you had to have parents that are citizens of Athens. This last clause was
created for the poor.
The best thing you can get in Athens was citizenship, it was exclusive
Slaves, women, foreigners, were excluded
Athens polis destruction
It becomes just a city
Something that disappears is equality, it will take over 1600 years for political freedom
and equality to reappear. It will take until the renaissance
Democracy in the Renaissance
Renaissance (1350-1600)
Represents in the history of western world of fundamental break, turning point in history,
there is no going back
Break from middle ages and turning point to modernity, historically decisive moment
It will also modify general outlook of western mind, we will change our ways of thinking
The term renaissance designates cultural renewal and birth. Renaissance (birth in french
is naissance so the word means rebirth) due to scientific, economic, philosophical factors.
Eg. firearms, printing press, trade routes, merchant class will rise… but philosophic
changes are more important there
The philosophy of the renaissance is called humanism
Humanism implies how image of man
In the middle ages, people were seen to be servants of god, when humanism appears, it
says that they are not servants to god, by humans are comparable of excellence. The
athenian polis believes the same thing, people are capable of being excellent
Renaissance is a remembrance of things past
All ancient thinkers and scientists were forgotten are seen as irrelevant
The christian middle ages didn’t know aristotle, plato was unknown
Ancient times in renaissance will become relevant again. Arab medieval scholars
preserved Aristotle's lectures and brought importance to them again
These philosophers will be studied as histories
Pietro paalo Vergen writes a manifesto for educational method of humanism. There is
belief of dignity
The christian middle ages, life is a preparation for eternal salvation in another life
As a breaking point renaissance will say politicas is important to human condition. In this
development, humanist thinkers will have to openly critique the church and god
When democracy returns it will take form into city state again
Democracy is renaissance in florence and venice
These city-states are also referred to as city-republics
The term republican refers to a spirit of political participation that puts great emphasis on
the fulfillment of man's nature as a political animal
Societies in Renaissance period in Florence and Venice, social forces.
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