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York University
PSYC 1010
Gwen Jenkins

Perception Creation of Experience Perception Creation and Experience2 kinds of processing functions o Bottom up processingAnalysis of individual stimulus elementsRecombines them into unified wholeChemical is taste and smell and we combine them to get the big picure o Top down processingUse existing knowledge concepts ideas expectationsUse that to put on our understanding of what is out there in the sense world Bottom up processing Combination and interpretation of whole Image Perception of in individual stimulus elements Automatic reflexive processing uninfluenced by expectationsTopDown processing Concept expectation Image Interpretation of incoming stimuli Make use of higher order knowledge role of motivation cultural learning and previous experience on perception Feature Analysis We know the parts of objects features and that helps in recognitionBottom up All the hs have vertical and 1 horizontal line The J have a vertical with a curve and occasionally a horizontal I expect it to be a J therefore often do not see it as a GTop Down
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