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Jill Bee Rich

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Chapter 5-Altered States October-18-12 11:32 AM Altered States • Albert Hamman accidently discoveredeffects of LSD • LSD • Dissociation ○ Multiple Personality Disorder  Case of Billy with Multiple Personality Disorder  Someone'sunique personality is broken up, is not schitsophrenia Levels of Consciousness • Conscious Awareness ○ What you're currently experiencing (both internal and external) • Subconscious Awareness ○ Stimuli processed automatically ○ e.g. Might not be aware of paper scrunching until someonepoints it out • PreconsciousAwareness ○ Easily called into consciousness ○ e.g. who was your best friend in Grade 3? Now you think back and bring that up ○ In preconscious awareness until there's a trigger to bring it back to the consiousness • Unconscious Awareness ○ Cannot be brought into consciousness ○ Freud mentionedthat anxiety is left in unconsciousnessand not brought up ○ Not processing the external environment • What's the difference from an illusion to hallucination, to reality? CHECK POWERPOINT!! Drug Induced Alterations of Consciousness • Relates to any chemical substance other than food that alters the structure or functioning of the body PSYCHOACTIVEDRUGS ○ Affect the nervous system ○ Alter states of consciousness, mood,and behaviour ○ Can include prescription drugs ○ Work like synaptic transmission from chapter 3 ○ Sites of drug action: 1. Prevent/stimulatesynthesis 2. Prevent/promoterelease 3. Block/stimulatereceptor 4. Block Enzymes 5. Block reuptake ○ Prozac is for depression which blocks the reuptake for neurotransmitterseratonin Primary Abused PsychoactiveDrugs and Their Effects ○ Narcotics (opiates): pain relieving ○ Sedatives: sleep inducing (downers)  Used for insomnia or post traumatic experience for sleep ○ Stimulants: increase CNS activity  e.g. cocaine, caffeine ○ Hallucinogens: distort sensory and perceptual experience  Might be pleasant b
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