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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Defence Mechs.docx

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York University
PSYC 1010
Jill Bee Rich

Lecture 5 THINGS TO KNOW FOR THE TEST  Self-fulfilling Prophecy  Double-blind study  Placebo control group  What defence Mechanisms are all about  Something having to do with research questions Psychoanalytic Approach  ORAL Stage o Erogenous zone is the mouth o Birth to 18 months  Anal Stage o Erogenous zone is the anus o ~18 months of age o Has to do with the toilet training process o Freud says that child gets pleasure and gratification from retention and elimination of feces  if the child doesn’t do what they are supposed to, they are to be punished because if they don’t they will be “slobs”  Phallic Stage (Most important stage) o Erogenous zone is the genitals o ~4 years old o MALE (Oedipus Complex)  Freud said that at 4, the male will become attracted to his mother but the mother already has the father  Hostility towards dad  Experiences conflicting feelings/emotions (love and hostility) towards dad  Fears castration as punishment  Resolution  Tension produced by the conflicting feelings are repressed  Child no longer resents dad and dad becomes the sex-role model o FEMALE (Electra Complex)  Girl is attracted to dad  Feels hostility towards mom and blames mom for a lack of penis  Experiences conflicting feelings  Resolution  They still have incestuous feelings towards their father due to “penis envy”  Latency Stage o No erogenous zone o ~5 – puberty o Child learns socially acceptable ways of reducing tension  Genital Stage o Erogenous zone - genitals o ~Puberty – death o The “love object” is now a member of the opposite sex (ITS NOT THE PARENT ANYMORE)  Anomalies o Fixation: People can stay in certain stages for longer amounts of time for two reasons,
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