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Lecture 6

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PSYC 1010
Jill Bee Rich

PSYC 1010 October 20, 2011 Lecture 5 : Behavioural Approach Material for Test 2 Begins here General Definition  Overt behaviour (observable)  Determines the antecedents and consequences  “Learning” o It’s a relatively durable change in behaviour that occurs as a recall of practise ]  Performing o Doing what one has learned  Performing vs. Learning o Often people perform well because they have learned something, but it doesn’t necessarily go the other way around Three Types of Learning  Conditioning (Pavlov)  Operant of Instrumental Learning  Observational learning o See and learn Classical Conditioning  Unconditioned Response (UR) o A response (R) that is reflexive or automatic and not under our voluntary control  Unconditioned Stimulus (US) o A stimulus that provokes and elicits an UR  Conditioned Stimulus (CS) o Any stimulus that is paired with a US that eventually triggers a response  Conditioned Response (CR) o The response elicited by the UR  EXAMPLES o Pavlov  (US) food  (UR) Salivation  But bell presented as (CS) because of pairing with food... Starts as neutral but changes  (CS) Bell  (CR) Salivation o Human  (US) Slap  (UR) Flinch  HOWDY + SLAP  (CS) Howdy  (CR) Flinch PSYC 1010 October 20, 2011 NOT IN TEXTBOOOOOOOOK  If you want classical conditioning to work, a method that one should use (due to high effectiveness) o Delay conditioning is the best way. Present the CS slightly before the US  Simultaneous conditioning o Present at the exact same time o Does not usually succeed in conditioning  Trace conditioning o Present the CS, th
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