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Lecture 10

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PSYC 1010
Jill Bee Rich

PSYC 1010 Lecture 10 Dreams consolidate memories  REM Sleep is important in the devolpement of brain neurons and is natures way of stimulating the brain Biological Bases of behaviour  To understand behaviour, we must examine the brain and nervous system o An assumption that this perspective makes is that for every thought and behaviour there is a corresponding physical event taking place in the brain or physical body ESB (Brain Mapping) – Electrical Stimulation of the Brain  Occipital love – vision etc  Know the lobes and what does what Hemispheric Specialization  Dominant hemisphere (left) – the part that deals with the processing of language  Corpus collosum connects the two of them  Whenever something is moved on the right side of the body, it is a left hemispheric control, and vice versa  For visual fields, it follows the same rule  Left Hemisphere deals with analytical hemisphere, creativity and deducing emotion from right hemisphere Split Brain Patients  When shown something in the left visual field they cant tell you (verbalize) what it is because the information is read in the right brain, but what it is must be processed in the left brain with a severed corpus callosum. ⃗ ⃗ ⃗ ⃗ ⃗ ⃗ Left Handed People  Left-handed people have lower life expectancy  PATHOLOGICAL  Seems to be more common amongst mathematicians, architects, artists, musicians PSYC 1010 People’s uses of brain Right Handed Left Handed Ambidex Speech in
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