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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - September 18th, 2012.docx

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PSYC 1010
Myriam Mongrain

PSYC 1010 – Lecture 2 09/18/2012 Chapter 1 & 2: Theories & Research Methods Theoretical Perspectives  Biological: How physiology affects thoughts and behavior.  Cognitive: How your mind (conscious thoughts) influences behavior. (Took shape in the early 1950’s)  Psychodynamic: How the unconscious influences behavior.  How childhood can express itself later on in adulthood.  Behavioral: first proponents of using a scientific approach to studying behavior.  Skinner: Environment shapes your behavior.  Humanistic: Breathe of fresh air within psychology.  Freedom of choice and actualization of the self as determinants of behavior.  Evolutionary Model for Human Behavior: Your behavior is a product of challenges faced centuries ago. (Genetics)  How the behavior initially solved an adaptive problem and increased chance of reproductive success.  Positive Psychology: Using theory and research to better understand the positive adaptive and growth promoting aspects to human existence. (Page.22).  Positive experiences lead to success in life based on research and studies. (Improving well-being). Perspectives Applied  Depression? Biological Vulnerability: Genetics translate to a neurochemical imbalance in the brain.  One can have a genetic disposition, but there has to be a trigger or interaction with the environment  Cognitive Vulnerability: Self-blame  Think that you have a negative influence on everything.  Dysfunctional beliefs  2 Themes: relationships & research methods.  Psychoanalytic: Overly harsh superego.  Unresolved grief over early lose.  Freud: the importance of the past.  Anger turned inward.  Humanistic View: Not seeing a meaning or purpose to your life.  Key factor: Pressure  Failure to actualize yourself.  Behavioral View: Lower social support.  Depression pushes people away and not be convinced that life is good and
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