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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Friday, September-14-12 Lecture #2 Research Methods 1. Survey Method: a set of questions is given to determine people’s attitudes, beliefs, behaviours Advantages: -reaching out to a large group of people in and efficient and cheap way -anonymous Disadvantages: -response bias (can be a problem) -misinterpretation  word choice might confuse people causing them to answer differently. Ex. (gay and gay) -honesty Population Mini version of population Sample  In order to generalize from your sample to the population, the sample must be representative(unbiased) of the population Random sampling: each person in the population has an equal chance of ending up in the sample 2. Naturalistic observation: use this method when you want to measure or describe behaviour as people behave naturally in a natural setting Advantage: -people are behaving naturally Friday, September-14-12 Disadvantages: -no control over the situation -subject reactivity resolve this problem:  Use a one-way mirror  Participant observer (recording and participating with group)  Hidden cameras (in public setting) -you cannot infer cause and effect, can’t interpret behaviour -expectancy effects OR experimenter bias: observer records things they expect  results will be bias One way to help overcome experimenter bias is: have more than one observer  helps determine inter- observer reliability (consistency) 3. The Exp
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