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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Winter Term Lecture #1 Memory (Mod 23, 25, 26) Behavioural Perspective - OVERT behaviour (observable) - Believe that the S-R (stimulus response) relationships are “stamped in” to the brain Cognitive Perspective - Cognition is a term about thinking and mental processes - Is an offshoot, derived from the behavioural perspective S - O - R Cognition Evalua te Expect Predict Interpr et Kohler Insight: Change in the organization of a problem or the sudden understanding of how to solve a problem. Stimulus  Memory  Response Information Processing Model: (3 stage Model) - Inputprocessingoutput (reg. computer) - Encodingstorageretrieval - S  Sensory  STM(short-term memory)  LTM(long) Iconic store lasts ¼ a second Ecolic lasts Sensory Memory: preserves information in its original sensory form for a short time. The sensation of the stimulus lingers briefly after the stimulus has ended. Ex. If you scan an entire room of people, all of that information on your visual would make its way to brain. When someone is talking and the last word feels like its ringing in your min
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