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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

PSYC 1010 REBECCA JUBIS INTELLIGENCE PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST  A standardized measure of a sample of a person’s behavior a) Personality Tests b) Mental Ability Tests i. Intelligence Tests – assess intellectual potential ii. Aptitude Tests – also measure potential, but they asses specific abilities iii. Achievement Tests – measure previous learning in different subjects INTELLIGENCE (Wechsler): the capacity to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively with the environment - 1884 Galton, IQ reflects sensory acuity and physical attributes - 1905 Baniet, IQ reflects reasoning, recall and imagining  Noticed that older kids could answer more correct answers  Chronological age vs. mental age CHRONOLOGICAL AGE: actual age MENTAL AGE: the kid’s performance on a test expressed in years, compared to typical performance at that age - Stern came up with what is called the ‘Intelligence Quotient’ (IQ) ~ NO LONGER USED  MA/ CA x100 *MA=CA (Average) *MA>CA (Above Average) *MA 20 --> 40 --> 60 CRYSTALIZED INTELLIGENCE - Knowledge accumulated over time and verbal abilities FLUID INTELLIGENCE - Ability to reason quickly, processing speed and recall  Deteriorate with age GENDER DIFFERENCES? - Females are better at spelling, verbal fluency, recognition of emotions and better at recalling the location of objects - Males are better at spatial tasks, complex math problems - Are biological in nature BUT must not overlook influence of environment TEST CONTRUCTION - 3 criteria must be met: 1) Standardization - A uniform procedure whereby original test questions are given to a large group in order to a) Produce questions that can discriminate b) Provide a set of standards or norms by which to judge what person’s score means 2) Reliabili
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