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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

PSYC 1010REBECCA JUBISPSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERSTREPHININGtaking a sharp rock and digging at someone skull till there was a hole to let all the spirits and demons escape ASYLUMSintended to give quiet retreats to anyone who was behaving abnormally taking them out of society and into a safe environmentbut were treated inhumanly o in 1782 Pinel said that these people have sick minds and must start treating these people more humanly o Institutions were developed to receive psychological treatments that people deserved MEDICAL MODEL Pinel Proposes that abnormal behaviour should be viewed as a disease and treated as one CRITERIA FOR DEFINING ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR 1 Statistical Frequency any behaviour that occurs infrequently is abnormal2 Deviation from Social NormsCRITICISM culturally dependent social norms change with time DSM3 Maladaptive Behaviour is AbnormalCRITICISM a guy comes home and drinks a couple of beers before dinner some may say that it is abnormal behaviour while others may feel it is normal to relieve stress4 Psychological Distress able to go through daily routines but feel mental anguish that distress is abnormalAbnormal behaviour happens along a continuumPsychological Disorders require deviant behaviour AND distressful and dysfunctional behaviour or thoughts DIAGNOSING A PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERMatching peoples symptoms and current functioning to preestablished categories of psychological disorders ADVANTAGE it increases reliability and allows for communicationDisorder that strike most early are phobias others late teens to early adulthoodDeciding on what treatment is best for the individual
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