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16 Oct 2011

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January 27, 2011
Ch. 10
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
We are born with certain needs and motives
Deficiency motives we are motivated to remove a deficiency or discomfort
Growth motives- even when there is no deficiency we are motivated to
develop beyond our present condition
The most basic needs have to be fulfilled before you can move up the needs
Physiological needs, safety and security, belongingness and love needs,
esteem, cognitive needs (knowledge and understanding), aesthetic needs
(order beauty), need for self-actualization
Everybody needs to want to have these growth motives
Self actualization is when a person has reached the ultimate, they cannot
grow and better them selves anymore
o People never really do become self actualized
o People have moments of it but never really do
Most people fulfill in this order, but some exceptions apply
If people experience certain emotions they will be motivated towards various
Sometimes people feel emotions when they cannot achieve a goal
3 components of emotion
o Facial expression, body language, voice intonation, (behavioral)
o Physiological change- blood pressure, sweating
o Cognitive moods, thoughts
o There are 7 thousand different facial expressions
o Most are innate
o Culture can influence how you express emotions
o Some emotions are not recognized in some cultures
o Some cultures have been taught to control over exposure of emotion
Primary or pure emotions happiness, fear, sadness, anger
Mixed emotions- people express differently, mixture of other emotions
THEORIES OF EMOTIONS * multiple choice on theories
Commonsense -> stimulus -> conscious feelings -> autonomic arousal
o I tremble because I feel afraid
James- Lange -> stimulus -> autonomic arousal -> conscious feeling
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