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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Learning This Lecture went on for 2 and a half weeks. It is all on the chapter of learning.

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

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Oct 2010 Psychology Lecture 5 Chapter 6 Learning Behavioural ApproachInterested in looking at OVERT observable behaviours and determining their antecedents before consequenceswhat might have triggered the behaviour and what is the consequence can be good or bad of that behaviourLearningLearning is a relatively durable change in behaviour that occurs as a result of experience or practicemeaning if you have learnt something you were not able to do before Durable meaning it is not permanent because although you have learnt something your memory plays a factor and the information may fade away Learning must result from practice and experience Learning vs Performance o A test is able to indicate whether you have learned material or not my noting how you have performed on a testo Sometimes performance doesnt note how much you have learned because it can be based on motivation or other factorso Learning is not synonymies with performanceLecture 5 Continued Oct 2710 Types of Learning Conditioning 1 Classical Conditioning Pavlov 2 Operant or Instrumental Skinner 3 ObservationalLearning is an association between two different things eventsWhen exposed to one of the things you usually automatically associate it with the other thing
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