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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Social Psychology This is all the notes on social psychology

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Lecture 6Wed Nov 1710 Chapter 16 Social BehaviourSocial PsychologyThere are two sections to social psychology o 1 Social Cognition The study of how we perceive an evaluate others o 2 Social Influence The study of the ways in which people influence each others behaviours beliefs and attitudes Social InfluenceObediencewhen you agree to a direct request or commandConformitywhen going along with others believes andor behaviours because of social pressure Milgrams Studies on Obedience around 1963 A study experimenting who would be fully obedient in a nervous situation He conducted an experiment where a subject believed he was pressing a button shocking a person in the room next door and there was a observer who was telling him to continue shocking the person in the other room not knowing the person was an actor and was not being shocked but was acting like itOne condition is the Remote condition65 were fully obediento Subject could not hear person being shocked but was aware they were being shocked by him pressing the buttonThe second condition the Voice feedback 625 were fully obediento Subject could hear actor in the next room screaming from being shocked but observer was still telling the subject to press the buttonThe third condition is the Proximity 40 were fully obedient o Actor starts screaming that he has a heart problem and subject is still being told to press the buttonThe fourth condition is the Touch Proximity 30 were fully obediento Observer is taking subjects hand and is placing it on the button so the subject presses it to shock the actor The fifth condition is no contact what so over 100 were fully obediento When the observer does not touch the subject and says nothingAnother condition is the Experimenter Proximity 22 were fully obedientAnother condition is the Actor Defying Commands 10 were fully obedient
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