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jan 13th lecture notes jan 13th lecture notes

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York University
PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

January 13, 2011 Storage in Long Term Memory Procedural Memory system: a memory for how to do things, a memory for skills and actions. Example: riding a bicycle, how to tie your shoes, driving a car. Declarative Memory system: memory for information and facts: a) Semantic memory: involves general information about rules and things that we have over learned. We can’t remember exactly how or when we learned this information. b) Episodic Memory: memory for specific events or episodes, these are usually unique events rather than repeated ones. Implicit or Incidental memory is demonstrated when recall occurs on a task that does not requires intentional recall. Explicit memory is information that you intentionally try to remember. Inability to recall information in LTM 1) Pseudo Forgetting 2) It got lost along the way 3) Information is available but not accessible. Why is information not accessible? 1) Context dependent forgetting or Encoding Specificity Hypothesis when the cues at encoding and retrieval don’t match. We can you trouble recalling. We are using an inappropriate search strategy. 2) State dependent forgetting: When one’s physical/mental state on mood is diff
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