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Variations In Consciousness Lecture covering variations in consciousness. Topics covered include: stages of sleep, purpose of sleep, sleep deprivation, and functions of dreams.

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Variations in Consciousness In the 1930’s the electroencephalogram was invented. It picks up brain waves (brain activity), by detecting the electromagnetic radiation with electrodes on the head. After experimentation, it was discovered that there are three types of brain waves, corresponding to the five stages of sleep. Stages of Sleep Stage 1  Lightest sleep  Theta sleep waves are prominent  Hypnic jerk: twitching  Hypnagogic State  NREM Stage 2  Deeper sleep  Mixed EEG activity – sleep spindles  NREM Stage 3 & Stage 4  Deep sleep  Progressively more delta waves – slow-wave sleep (SWS)  In stage 3 delta waves occur less than 50% of the time  In stage 4 delta waves occur more than 50% of the time  Sleep walking occurs during deep sleep. Sonabulism is the official term for sleep walking.  NREM Stage 5  Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep  Low voltage, high-frequency waves  EEG patterns resemble those of people who are awake  Dreaming  Breathing is choppy and heart rate fluctuates  It’s difficult to awaken the person  Motor activity is practically eliminated, and the person is almost paralyzed  Paradoxical sleep: The internal organs are quite active, while the body seems paralyzed Lucid Dreaming: Being aware that you are drea
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