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Treatment of Psychological Disorders Lecture covering treatment of psychological disorders. Topics covered: behaviour therapy (systematic desensitization, implosion therapy, behaviour modification), cognitive therapy (rational-emotive therapy, psychoanaly

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Treatment of Psychological Disorders Therapies are classified into 3 categories: 1. Insight therapies (“talking” therapies). 2. Behaviour Therapy – any therapy that’s based on learning principles. 3. Biomedical Therapies Behaviour Therapy Assumptions 1. Maladaptive behaviours are acquired through “faulty” learning and you can “unlearn” these behaviours with behaviour therapy. 2. You don’t need to uncover the cause for the disorder. Systematic Desensitization – (Wolpe, 1958) 1. Set up an anxiety hierarchy. 2. Train the patient in deep relaxation techniques. 3. Imagine the items in the hierarchy while relaxed. 4. “In vivo” situation Learning Principles that make Systematic Desensitization Effective 1. Counterconditioning – substituting anxiety with relaxation 2. Extinction – weakens anxiety response, and eventually replaces it with relaxation Implosion Therapy (imagine) & Flooding (in vivo)  Relaxation is not used.  Based on extinction only.  Induce anxiety and prevent the client from avoiding the phobic stimulus. Behaviour Modification  Based on operant conditioning. A) Contingency Management Involves the presentation and withdrawal of positive stimulus contingent upon the
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