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Lecture Notes Lecture notes for Thursday February 3rd, 2011.

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

February 3 2011 Lecture NotesCognitive Perspective to IQIntelligent tests were meant to put a number on how intelligent a person is how much knowledgeintelligence they have The more recent cognitive perspective is what people do with the amount of intelligence they have Some people argue it depends on what you do with the knowledge you have that determines your intelligence level Cognitive perspective focuses on the process of IQ rather than on the amountSternbergExperiential sub theory how our past experience affects our intelligence and how our intelligence affects how we experience things Componential sub theory specifies the cognitive processes that underlie intelligent behaviour Sternberg further subdivided this theory into three different parts Meta components knowledgeacquisition components and performance components He says that we have three facts of intelligence analytical intelligence practical intelligence and creative intelligence Analytical intelligence being book smart the type of education and knowledge you need to do well in school Creative intelligence he acknowledges that such a
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