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Chapter 7 (Memory) and Chapter 10 (Emotion & Motivation) A detailed account of these 2 chapters that are bound to help you study more effectively!

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

January 13 2011 Chapter 7 Continued Lecture Storage in LTM Its believed that in long term memory once it makes it there its stored in different places depending on what type of information is being storedProcedural Memory Our memory for how to do things Memory for actions and skillsphysical information Example riding a bike can be in procedural memory Tying a shoe typing is also procedural memoryIn contrast to Procedural memory Declarative MemoryMemory for information and factsFor mental informationCan be subdivided into 2 types o Semantic Memory Involves general information about rules and things that we have over learnedWe cant remember exactly when or how we acquired that information o Episodic Memory contrast to Semantic MemoryMemory for specific events or episodesthey are usually unique events rather than repeated ones Semantic is memory for things that are very general you just feel that its something that youve always known For example If you were asked What colour is a 5 bill and you were also asked when did you learn that A common response would be that youve always known that fact you do not remember when you learned itYou come across it so many times that it becomes overlearnedIn contrast episodic memory comes from the word episode is memory for specific events that only really happen once rather than something that has happened over and over again or that has been overlearned For example your first kiss you may have had many kisses after that but because it was your very first kiss it is a unique event Other examples your first class getting robbed or being in a car accidentWhat did you have for dinner last night This would be an episodic memoryHowever if you were asked what did you eat for Thanksgiving It would be a semantic memory because it is usually the same thing each year excluding other backgrounds or religions it is usually turkey that is eaten each Thanksgiving Another example If someone asks what do you get for Christmas every year It would be a semantic memory because gifts are usually given on Christmas day
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