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Intro to the course AMAZING!! MUST HAVE!

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Intro Psychology 1010 Section B Sept 16Dr Rebecca Jubispsychologystudy of human and animal behaviourCommon senses psychological conclusions rely on scientific research not common sayings Research common sense isnt good enoughWarworld II studies Results 1 soldiers from rural backgrounds were better than from cities handson training city reduced to being handed things city people are spoiled country people interact as a team rather than being secluded as city people 2 soldiers with high intelligence were more fearful and stress related disorders than soldiers with low intelligence more aware ignorance is bliss what u dont know wont hurt you less intelligence less opportunities they see as a diversion adventure Results are not true They found the oppositeIt is easy with come up with after the fact explanation u can explain everything that makes sense But is it valid is it correct Psychologists dont come with withwithout researchscientific method observations and factstheory abstract statementhypothesis specific predictionoperationalize termsexperimenteg theory general and abstract impossible to research without a more specific hypothesis frustration causes aggression hypothesis educated guess specific prediction operationalize your terms when u conduct a study and start getting specific it is important an operational definition or operational retu
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