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Chapter 7-Memory These notes include STM, LTM, sensory-store, short-term store, working memory model, and the serial effect.

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

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Psychology NotesJan 11 2011Chapter 7MemoryBehavioral approachinterested in OVERT behaviour no interestested in emotions feelingsstresses the SR relationship stimulusresponse and argues that this relationship is stamped in and we dont have to be consciously aware of itoThere is a stimulus and response area in the brain When S encountered it becomes activited and if a certain response is reinforced a physiological link is formed and each time it is reinforced the link gets stronger This occurs without awareness or deliberationoExternal factors ONLYCognitive approachSOR relationship O for organismsStimulusCognitions evaluatepredictinterpretepectationsWhen a stimulus is encountered cognitive approach stresses BOTH internal cognitions thought processes and exterrnal factorsCogniti
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