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Chapter 9: Intelligence Cognitive Perspective/Sternbergs Triarchic Theory/Gardners 8 Intelligences/Emotional Intelligence/Test Construction/Cultural Bias/Structure of Intelligence (on the 3rd Test)/beginning of Nature vs. Nurture

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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Feb 0311Cognitive PerspectiveWechsler devised the Adult Intelligence Scale WAISIntelligence is divided between verbal scale and a performance scaleEx for verbal information general knowledge comprehension arithmetic similarities digit span series ofvocab all verbal quesEx for performance digit symbol substitution picture completion block design picture arrangementobject assembly Cognitive Perspective focus on the process of IQ rather than on the AMOUNTSternbergs Triarchic Theory 19851991there are 3 diff components sub theories to intelligence1 Contextual Subtheoryinterested in the context in which intelligence is being tested so what behaviours are considered to be intelligent depends on what particular culture they are tested in2 Experiential Subtheorypast experiences can come into play and specifies how experience can influence intelligence and how intelligence can affect your experiences3 Componential Subtheoryspecifies the cognitive aspect that underlie intelligent behaviourdivided into metacomponents knowledge acquisition components performance componentshe believes there are diff types of intelligenceAnalytic intelligence traditionally assessed in IQ tests the type that is required to do well in school book smartsPractical Intelligence so being able to deal with practical problems common sense for things that you are not taught but that you picked up thru experienceCreative Intelligence not tested in your IQ test ability to be able to generate new inventive ideas Gardners Eight IntelligencesLogical Mathematical Scientist Mathematician Linguistic PoetJournalistMusical Composer ViolinistSpatial Navigator SculptorBodily Kinesthetic dancerathleteInterpersonal therapist salespersonIntrapersonal person with detailed accurate selfknowledgeNaturalist BiologistCritics say these are skillstalents and not intelligence
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