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PSYC 1010
Rebecca Jubis

September 12, 2012 Psychology Lecture #2 -Pilot Study: a sample study which allows you to tweak, fix, change the study Methods of Research: 1) Survey Method – questions are used to determine people’s attitudes, beliefs & behaviours (Usually paper and pencil, online, or phone calls) - Advantage: Efficient + Cheap + Anonymous - Disadvantage: Response rate + Honesty? + Large Sample + Interpretation of Reader -In order to generalize from the sample to the population your sample must be representative of the population. (Unbiased) EX: Teen’s drug use – Sample must be from teens all over the country, and from all ages of teenage years Random Sampling – Each person in the population the population has equal chance to be picked for the sample 2) Naturalistic Observation - Used to describe or measure behaviour as it naturally occurs in a natural setting - Advantage: People are behaving naturally - Disadvantage: You cannot infer cause and effect + Time consuming + Subject reactivity (someone watching you) + No control over the situation + Expectations effect observations - Subject reactivity solutions: camera’s, one-way mirrors, participant observer (pretend you are in that group by blending in) - It is okay to record data without consent as long as it’s in a public setting and you don’t interfere with that person - Expectation can change your results, view on study, and the way we th
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