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PSYC 1010
Heather Jenkin

Chapter 5 Variations in Consciousness RedDefinition BlueImportant Points OrangeImportant PeopleContributions thYellow Professor covered Nov 5 2012ConsciousnessBrain ActivityiElectroencephalograph EEGMeasures electrical activity in the BrainBrain Waves 1Measures in Amplitude Height and Frequency Cycles per second cps 24 Frequency Bands aBeta1324 cpsNormal Waking thought problem solving b Alpha812 cpsDeep Relaxation Blank Mind Meditation cTheta47 cpsLight Sleep d Delta13 cpsDeep Sleep eConsciousness is correlated with Variations of Brain Activity2 Biological RhythmsSleepa Biological RhythmsPeriodic Fluctuations in Physiological functioningiOrganisms have internal Biological Clocks b Circadian RhythmsThe 24hour biological cycles found in Humans and many animalsiInternal Clocks control many functions like sleep hormones urine etc iiMelatoninHormone that adjusts Biological Clocks c Ignoring Circadian Rhythms i Going to sleep at an irregular time causes poorer quality of sleep Affecting many Conscious processes d Realigning Circadian RhythmsiTaking Melatonin reduces effects of irregular Circadian Rhythms reducing Jet Lag 3 SleepWaking Cycle a Electromyograph EMGRecords Muscular activity and Tension b Electrooculograph EOGRecords Eye Movement c Stages of SleepSleep Cycles through 5 Stages
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